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Color Viewing Light XXL PROFESSIONAL


Color Viewing Light XXL PROFESSIONAL. Color Viewing Light models offer practical matching for a range of surfaces and materials. The viewing booths have five different illuminants and are available in five different sizes, enabling diverse application areas to be covered.


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Color Viewing Light XXL PROFESSIONAL

Color Viewing Light  PROFESSIONAL:
In the  PROFESSIONAL version a sequential order of illuminants can be saved for a recurring matching process. It can also provide mixed light when several light sources are triggered at the same time.
• 5 illuminants*: D65, D50, TL84, A, UV
• User-friendly Electronic Control Panel
• Digital hour meter for all illuminants
• Mixed light function
• Storage for 1 light sequence
• Size: XXL
Usable area (W x H x D cm): 114 x 80 x 83
Outside dimensions (W x H x D cm): 128 x 111 x 100



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