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Doodle Art Textures Vol. 1 incl. DVD


Doodle Art Textures Vol. 1 incl. DVD. These books are full of themed illustrations, from Liberty to Japanese designs, from landscapes to the most famous cities, from flowers to animals.

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€ 140,00

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Doodle Art Textures Vol. 1 incl. DVD

The feature that most have in common, besides the fact of why they are made (colouring books) is to have a style with scribbled signs or that seem a bit “naive” but yet very refined. “Doodle Art" is made up of areas defined by lines marked by signs, geometries and patterns instead of colours and has become visually so strong and recognizable as to become a precise style and this increases the possibilities opening new worlds in the field of both textiles and interior decoration, at least I hope.
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